I Am Thankful For These Two Types of People

In the ruckus that is life, it’s nice to reflect sometimes on the people that keep you grounded. People that care about you. They give you a hug when they see you. They ask you what the best part of your day was. They keep you leveled. Humbled. They make you question the elusive thing called lucky – cus hey, you never get lucky right?

Then there are the people who inspire you. The ones who present you with an opportunity to chase after something bigger than ourselves. They ask that you forget all you’ve known, unteach yourself what you’ve been taught. They ask you to be bold. They ask you to push youself in ways you’ve never imagined.

These are the two types of people that I am thankful for.

One of my mentors told me that as we grow up, our circle of frienship grows smaller – even though we meet more people. I think it’s only true to a certain extent.

It’s not that every Thanksgiving, there’s less and less people to be thankful for. It’s not that people all of a sudden stopped deciding to be friends.

I think the people that really care about you tend to stay in your life longer, and they become more meaningful over time. It’s not obvious to the naked eye, but slowly but surely, they help to define your purpose in life. At least that’s what I’m noticing.

Don’t get me wrong – the 10-year-old kid inside of me still screams of immaturity. I still love meeting new people in superficiality, fooling around, and making paper airplanes. Even then, I’ve discovered that the truly great and awesome people in your life never really go away.

  • Stanley Quan

    I love this post :)

    As I grow older, I think Thanksgiving is quickly becoming my favorite holiday. Giving thanks never gets old… and it’s nice to have a day dedicated to it.