Living in a Box

If you’re a Big Bang fanatic, you may have come across the idea of Schrodinger’s Cat. The cat is in a perpetual state of mystery – assumed to be both alive and dead.

You can only find out the fate of the cat by opening the box. A little esoteric, I know.

More common is the cliche of “thinking outside the box.” Business people eat that stuff up. But you can’t find out the fate of Schrodinger’s Cat by thinking outside the box. That is, you have to open the box to see the state of the cat inside.

Then the problem becomes — how do you really think “outside the box” when you can’t find out the fate of the cat until you know what’s inside of the box?

That’s easy. I tricked you into thinking the cat was in the box.

All this time, he was on the ceiling… watching you.

*This post was inspired by Ben Huh, CEO of the I Can Haz Cheezburger Network.