The Big Yellow Circle

Imagine a circle — a yellow circle, and there is a golden disk in the middle. That golden disk is the ultimate happiness, and people in the circle want to be near it at all times.

There is only one problem though… the circle can only fit so many people. That is, someone’s happiness must come at another’s expense — a zero-sum game.

Happiness can feel like zero-sum, especially in a western culture where money and “stuff” are often viewed synonymously with happiness. There are the rich, then there are the poor — winners, and losers.

But what if we all tried to expand that circle, instead of letting it stay a certain size and pushing people away? Would it make the world a better place?

Or what if instead, we draw and define our own circle of happiness instead of letting others do it for us? And instead of pushing people away, we expand our circle?

Video about happiness:

This post is a part of Kevin Huynh‘s Word | Play series.