Free Stuff

A handful of people have asked me the stuff I used to build this blog and other sites, so here they are.

WordPress Theme: Outline by Justin Tadlock
It’s a simple, clean theme that can be customized in so many ways. The Hybrid theme is its parent so you have to download that before you install it.

Email Subscriptions: MailChimp
Best email thingy ever. Period. You just pull the code from the site and hook up the API to your blog to enable email subscriptions. They do campaigns and stuff too, and the service is very friendly with a variety of different platforms. Great user interface.

*I now have switched to FeedBurner. Less maintenance.

Hosting: DreamHost
It’s a great host with great support. A handful of programmers I know also use them. The staff is kinda quirky – a definite plus!

Domain: GoDaddy
I manage a handful of domains here. A great place to host domains because their support is pretty darn good. Their email and phone support are lightning fast.

Email: Google Apps
It’s getting Gmail and other Google Apps on your domain – for example user[at] Good because Google stuff is always reliable.


Here are a list of other tools and SaaS tools I use on a daily basis – personal and business, and they are super-awesome. All of them are free. I am a fan of free!

Dropbox Online storage, file-sharing, sync and so much more.
Google Voice Get a phone number + get your v-mail delivered to inbox.
Google Analytics Website data analytics to track users, visits, etc.
Square Receive credit card payments on your phone.

Dinner plans came up while I was writing this. List is to be continued…

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